Ettie Ruth's talents as an artist begin to develop at a very young age. Growing up in the city, she loved going to grandma's house in the country. It was a "free spirit" she felt,  roaming the dirt roads and exploring the beauty of the dense forest. She loved nature.

Throughout elementary school, she was labeled "artist of the class", always drawing and sketching in her spare time. She won ribbons and awards on both her oil and watercolor paintings in high school.

Her mother always encouraged her to paint and to use her artistic talents. After marriage and two small children, she found little time for art. In 1975, she enrolled in painting classes at the Humble Art Gallery and Studio, and began her career in fine art painting. After two years of studying with several prominent artist, she began to teach her own art classes at her private studio. Also, teaching workshops and giving demo's in various surrounding areas.

She has continued to take numerous workshops and classes with notable artist and is currently painting with the "Turner Group".  She loves painting landscapes, flowers, portraits and animals. Her style of painting is both realistic and impressionist and are in private collections in the United States and Europe.

Traveling extensively thoughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Mexico are where much of her inspiration comes from. Taking many photos to use back in her studio to compose many of her paintings.  Along with entering paintings in juried shows, her photos have received awards and ribbons, also.

She is never without her camera in tow. Taking on many challenges, she will continue to grow and experience the joy of taking photos of our beautiful world and the many wonderful subjects that are available to her and that just might end up in a painting.

Custom and commissioned works of art and photography are considered her specialty.

Humble Art Gallery
Humble Art League
Gallery Four
Sims Fine Art Gallery
Kingwood Art Society
Turner School
Commissioned Portrait